Does Agile Best Practice Even Exist?

It’s very normal for teams who are not used to autonomy and self-management to find comfort in being told a process to follow. Part of that might be asking for best practice on what to do in certain scenarios. You’ll even find best practice agile being touted online too (I won’t be linking to any of these but use Google if you’re interested). 

agile best practice just do it

Quelle surprise, I don’t believe there is a single best way to do something for every team and situation. Agile isn’t grounded in process but in mindset – process can change based on what we learn by actually DOING STUFF.

Agile good practice rodney

DOING STUFF is actually key to this. By DOING STUFF we can build a number of GOOD practices that we can use. We can also use our experience from other teams to define starting good practice too. These can evolve with our autonomy. 

So does Agile best practice even exist? Not for me. However, the thing we need to do as coaches is to get the team to a place of comfort in DOING MORE STUFF, and there are loads of really good practices available to get there.